The Big News!

Exerstend is excited to announce the release of our new #CureDiabetes glass drinking bottles, and also the release of our 12 month ‘Exerstend Yourself’ subscriptions!

Each subscription comes with:

  • Exerstend 500 ml #CureDiabetes glass drinking bottle
  • One bottle of each Exerstend product every 8 weeks (Beta-alanine and Advanced Diet & Blood Sugar Support). That’s 12 bottles in total!
  • A new exercise program with your Exerstend products each 8 weeks. This provides you with 6 different exercise programs to match your health goals over the life of the subscription.
  • A lucky dip prize to arrive with your Exerstend products each 8 weeks (we promise it’s health related).
  • Weekly health blogs emailed to you.
  • Access to the ‘Exerstend Yourself’ Facebook page where you are encouraged to engage and support each other on your health journey and share success and failure stories. We’re all in this together!

The Bigger News!!

Exerstend was started in 2014 with a primary vision to help rid the world of Diabetes by creating strong evidence based complimentary medicines and supplements that would improve fitness, reduce blood sugar and help stop body fat accumulation. We also had a secondary vision to improve the health and fitness of every human being, which all health companies should naturally have.

To this date we have distributed over 500 bottles of ‘Exerstend Beta-alanine’ and ‘Exerstend Advanced Diet & Blood Sugar Support’ to people in Australia, China, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Netherlands. However, due to the strict regulations regarding marketing claims about what health products made in Australia can do for you (which we are 100% behind!), and our humble beginnings, it has made our primary vision of helping rid the world of Diabetes much more tedious and indirect.

If we remain on the path of only selling evidence based products that must pass through regulatory bodies that costs thousands of dollars to be approved, our vision is likely to take several decades to achieve rather than several years. But we want the current generation to benefit from advances in biomedicine and technology.

Why wait for something to arrive tomorrow that you can pick up and use today?

So, we are donating 10% of all profits from “Exerstend yourself” subscriptions and our #CureDiabetes glass drinking bottles to Diabetes Australia and the International Diabetes Federation.


Because these organisations have been established for decades and are actively engaging in research and community projects to rid the world of this horrendous disease, with a much greater reach than ours.

We have the same ideal destination in mind. Why create your own vehicle and travel alone when you can bring some fuel to one already moving and have some company on the way? We are all in this together!

Our mission for 2016 is to reach 500 “Exerstend yourself ” subscriptions, which means


Let’s help rid the world of this horrid disease and make better physical and psychological versions of ourselves on the way!

Monthly payment options and subscriptions will be available from April but to sign up now and save click here:

Thank you for you’re time and considerations,

Love the Exerstend team