With the social media boom, it has never been easier for people to expose themselves all over the globe in search of fame and glory. However, with this saturated market of self-exposure brings a very competitive environment. Breaking through and being successful in social media and business takes a certain ‘x-factor’, which many people fail to understand. In the case of Exerstend ambassador Elle Howard, we believe her secret is the right mix of beauty, compassion, hard work and an honest struggle that people can relate to.

Elle Howard is a source of inspiration for young motivated women who strive to be the change they want to see. She is the founder of Bambi and Tramp, a vegan branded footwear company with a strong emphasis on cruelty-free fashion. While it may not be cool to promote cruelty-free in some people’s eyes, but super cool in other people’s eyes, this clearly isn’t why Elle does anything; she is 100% true to herself and her beliefs. This is reflected by her large social media following and her successful businesses that stand by her animal activist and vegan values.

Elle also runs a very popular and successful coffee shop called All-time Coffee, with her partner and long term love Ben on the Gold Coast of Australia. Having tested the coffee, toasties and Nutella filled donuts myself (which are definitely the best on the coast), I’m not surprised they are thriving. The only thing that may outshine the food is Ben’s charisma and charm (yes I may have a man crush now). However, being a successful entrepreneur with two thriving businesses can take its toll on anyone’s health. It can be even more taxing when you have type 1 diabetes and nearly 200K followers on Instagram to keep on top of. We wanted to ask a few short questions of Elle to see what makes her tick and to bring some inside tips for any other young entrepreneurial, passionate and driven women who want to make a change.

It is no secret that this company was founded not only help to provide market leading supplements and complimentary medicines but to help reduce the prevalence of diabetes. I (Rhen) approached Elle to be an Exerstend ambassador after being given the tip about her by my brother who also has type 1 diabetes and admires her drive, success and how comfortable and open she is with her followers about her diabetes. It can be taboo to talk about disease. Some people can give in to temptation and exploit people’s emotions by amplifying issues to get attention. In contrast others may give in by understating and keeping issues to themselves in order to ‘keep up appearances’. Neither is wrong or right. But it takes a strong and confident person to be comfortable enough within themselves to honestly share their burden with others, and allow others to share their burdens with them on the scale that Elle does. She is an honest compassionate person who never shies away from giving back the love to so many people who have given love to her.

If in reading this article about Elle you take just one message, make it this: Be open, caring and interested in others and others will be open, caring and interested in you. If you have any questions for Elle, feel free to inbox us, but for now here is our little sit down talk. Enjoy!

Firstly, a question that most people would love to ask someone with an Instagram following approaching 200,000 people: How did you build your following so big?!

“Organically! It just kind of happened. I started using the app as a hobby when I was working as a marketing executive then these random people started taking a liking to my life. It was cool that I could interact with people from all the way across the world. Then I started posting ‘selfies’ and found that people were loving them and asking questions about beauty products etc. so I started talking about all the things that I like, why and where you can get them. People appreciate genuine recommendations from real people.”

Why did you start All-time Coffee, Bambi and Tramp and your previous businesses?

“I wanted to provide something that wasn’t there for people and also obviously say that I’m the boss and work for myself haha. My shoe line has a huge emphasis on choosing cruelty free fashion items that are in style at the moment and the coffee shop (which I co-own with my boyfriend) is popular in the vegan community too. It’s about having the option to make kind decisions on a menu that is as exciting as the real thing. We do toasties and jaffles and all the ‘real’ stuff can be imitated. Trying to make vegan cool and more accessible.”

What is the main thing that motivates you in business?

“Happiness and the ability to provide for my family. To know I’m not building someone else’s dream is a big motivator too.”

How important is it for you to keep on top of your health?

“Well for me it’s a matter of life and death. Type 1 Diabetes can hold an ugly future (a very short ugly future) if you don’t take care of yourself early on.”

How long have you been taking Exerstend for?

“For a year now. Of course with certain life events, laziness etc. there’s been gaps in between but I think that was a good thing in a way as I got to identify the benefits of taking it as opposed to not.”

Which product is your favourite and what have you noticed since taking it?

“I love the ABS. I noticed a huge difference in being able to actually get my blood sugars normalized consistently for the first time in years. Both the Beta-Alanine and ABS products gave me the energy, balance and motivation to get my life together. I wouldn’t have been able to get through the last 3 months straight working in my cafe without them and as a type 1 diabetic I wouldn’t have been able to better my health without the use of Exerstend products and the support from Rhen. He’s such a legend of a friend now and I feel like I owe him big time for helping me be able to live longer 🙂 ”

Have you got any tips for other young female entrepreneurs who want to make a difference?

“Ahhh honestly, if you’re using social media (which is a huge yes if you want the world to know about you and what you’re doing) just make sure to be yourself. People will respond better and help you with your dream.”

Finally, can you tell us your favourite quote and favourite movie?

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return! I’ll never get tired of watching The Wedding Singer.”

We thought it was necessary to note that Elle nearly sliced her finger off working in her cafe before sitting down to type out all these answers for us! If you haven’t accidentally sliced your finger off and then tried to write an article, we don’t recommend it! Thank you Elle for being selfless and answering our questions!