Before we start, congrats Leo you beast. Men want to be you and women want to….yea…sexual things. Now that being said, here’s your free breakdown of REAL weight loss tips.

We are not fans of using the scales to represent health gains. There are too many variables going on physiologically on the inside that you do not see on the scales to just rely on weight loss e.g. water weight, muscle sparing and fat loss and vice versa, malnutrition etc. However, weight loss tips are what everyone is after these days, and losing weight healthily is a great way to reduce your cardiovascular disease risk factors, improve your self-confidence, and minimize your chance of Diabetes.

So here are 3 super simple health cheats that you may or may not already know.  If you are not already a regular exerciser, we guarentee these 3 tips will help you lose at least 2 kg in the next 4 weeks. If not, send us an email detailing what you did and if we think you aren’t telling fibbers, we will send you a free bottle of our Advanced Diet & Blood Sugar support product.

  1. Drink at least 300 ml of cold water before each meal, and 200 ml after.

The principle or portion control is great, it allows you to take in enough of the good tasting things without overloading on sugar, fat or calories. It also makes it much easier to stick to your weight loss goals. However, it is not super practical in the hunger department. Often it just makes you more hungry because you get a taste of a balanced meal and you trigger the release of ghrelin (the hunger hormone that makes you feel like eating), and you end up eating more or having a snack after. Then you feel guilty!

This simple tip of forcing yourself to drink 300ml before, and 200ml straight after every meal nails multiple birds with one stone. You are staying hydrated, you digest your meal much easier, you are allowing all the chemical reactions in your body to happen more smoothly, and your stomach feels full just before and just after you eat, making it easier to eat a smaller and more balanced meal. Moreover, consuming COLD water that is lower than your regular body temperature (37 degrees thereabout), burns energy being converted back to an ideal temperature for digestion and other metabolic reactions.

The added bonus is you are taking in less calories and making tip 2 much more effective.

  2. Do at least 50 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, or 20-30 minutes of high intensity exercise 5 days per week.

Heard it all before yea? Good, you’ve been prepped for this next bit of information and it will win you over if you aren’t already an exerciser. The American College of Sports Medicine is the ‘go to’ body for recommendations on exercise to prevent and treat most common diseases.  Their position statement on physical activity for weight loss states:

“150-250 minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity provides only modest weight loss. Greater amounts (ie. >250) provide clinically significant weight loss (larger amounts).

For weight maintenance after weight loss — There is some evidence that  >250 minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity will prevent weight re-gain.”

It might sound like a lot, but when you consider that this is WITHOUT changing your diet, it is great news! Moderate intensity is what you would rate about a 3 out of 10 (fast paced walk or riding a stationary bike). Pretty easy right?

If you choose to do high intensity, this is about a 6 out of 10 and might not be easy for everyone to do, but luckily you don’t need as much.The specific type of exercise is up to you but we suggest two days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio. We will post more on this in a later blog.

For more info on this tip get over to:

  3. Don’t force yourself to have 5 or 6 meals per day. Have one large meal high in protein (minimum 20 grams) and carbohydrate (minimum 40 grams but no more than 80 grams) for breakfast and be happy with 3 or 4 meals per day max.

Throw out that idea that you need to regularly eat to keep your metabolism going, metabolism is basically a set of chemical reactions in the cells of your body.  It happens a lot while you sleep and not many people are regularly munching away on a protein bar in their sleep are they?

You can still have great metabolism on less meals per day and it actually gives your digestion a much needed break. Humans weren’t designed to eat every 2 hours. I’m sorry health and wellness bloggers without actual scientific training but your free ticket to nutrition tips is running out. Get with it!

This tip will help greatly once you are a few weeks into your weight loss plan when your hormones start to fight back against you and your genetically predetermined body weight tries to claw back. If you haven’t heard about the set point theory, here is a brief run down: 

We all have a weight that our body is genetically inclined to sit within a few kilograms of if we are not exercising or watching any aspects of our health. Some people have a light set point and are lean, others are heavier with a bit more to love. This set point is controlled by hormones that control our hunger and other things that lead to weight gain or weight loss. If you are pushing your normal weight lower than its set point (according to your stubborn genetics), eventually your hormones will fight back. Firstly you will release more ghrelin when you don’t want it (the hormone that makes you freaking hungry), and you will not release as much leptin (the hormone that says, nah thanks I don’t need to eat more of that).

What happens next depends a lot on will power, which not everyone has. Another thing to note is how easily your endorphins, or feel good hormones are influenced by eating. Just like a drug hit, when you eat that delicious donut, you feel the endorphins kick in and you feel awesome, but what goes up must come down and after you finish and the endorphins leave, you feel this sense or despair for ruining your plan. Don’t worry it’s normal, it will pass once you get back on the treadmill.

So the way we get around this is by having a big balanced meal that satisfies your hunger nice and early in the day, accompanied by 300 ml of water before and 200 ml after, and your hormones are set on a much more manageable level for the rest of the day.

*For a reference article and more science, on the theory of eating a large breakfast to balance hormones, check this out:


OK so there you have it. Three easy and scientific tips to help you start losing weight in a healthy and easy way. To maximize these tips and to increase your fat loss (we guarantee at least an extra 1 kg per month), get your hands on our Exercise Physiology stack and stay tuned for our soon to be released 12 month subscription for freebies, regular Exerstend deliveries and many more health cheats like these!


Rhenan Nealon 

Rhenan is the Director of Exerstend and has a Masters degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, as well as a First Class Honours Degree in Health and Human Sciences. Rhenan specializes in supplement and exercise interventions for Diabetes prevention and management.